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MANAGUA, Nicaragua ELP - Political physical violence began with a Roman Catholic cathedral in the capital of Nicaragua Masaya game on Scotland as parishioners authorities bombarded supporters with nightclubs. machetes and hardware pubs . The strike came after it became known that the parish of San Juan Bautista Church Harving Padilla designed to take advantage of a procession to another cathedral a number of blocks absent in solidarity with the pastor of this church and a number of people who are on metal mirror at mirrorp food cravings strike there to demand the discharge of those households say are government owned. Padilla said everyone else shut its cathedral, although the size of the muscle was famous inside and tried to split with the doors and monks and parishioners blocked the entrances with benches. "They included plumbing and machetes, they beat the men and female altar and theygot we locked in here," said Padilla. A man aged 50 calendar year that tried to keep your attackers was defeated by a few people who then handed over to the authorities, who had been standing defend throughout the malfunction with the support the causes of anti --- huge range but did not get involved. Nicaragua became the lead since protests erupted in the spring of 2018 President Daniel Ortega intense keep us at work and invite previous elections. Ortega officers consider such requests equivalent to a coup attempt by people they tag "terrorists. " The other day cravings hit started with the San Miguel Arcangel cathedral by nearby competitors Presidency held after Nicaragua: Pro-government crowd protesting to Ortega. On the same day as many activists ended defendants as they tried to provide water for the demonstrators.

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